Frontier XR Training Promotional Material

Train with Technology

Frontier XR Training made history as the pioneer of a VR-based driving curriculum, leveraging customized software and simulators. In 2018, they were chosen by Samsung to introduce a groundbreaking VR Driving Exhibition as part of their #driveforchange initiative, focusing on female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Since then, they have emerged as a global leader in Driver and Workplace Training, delivering a comprehensive range of innovative training solutions to multinational organizations.

Frontier XR Training, operating in the B2B sector, enlisted the expertise of ICP Marketing to craft a series of impactful videos and graphic design materials, enhancing their marketing initiatives.

Utilizing on-site live-action footage and tailor-made animation sequences, ICP Marketing skillfully crafted videos that flawlessly conveyed the tech company’s apps and their laser-focused endeavours.

In addition, we developed digital one-pagers that serve as informative introductions to the various app offerings, carefully aligned with the design language featured on their website for a cohesive brand experience.